Rain, rain, go away

Today more rain is coming to the area, so do you understand the difference between a water claim and a flood claim? Did you even know there is a difference? Well there is, and it is very important to understand the difference because many homeowners' policies do not include coverage for flood damage. If you need help understanding your policy, or need help filing a claim for damage to your property from all this rain, please contact us to discuss. We are here to help. Our phone number is 727-797-0100 or you may reach us by email at You can also read more about the weather here:

New cabinets lead to termite infestation

A homeowner had cabinets installed and never imagined what they would lead to. He later discovered that termites had infested his home through the newly installed cabinets. If you have had a termite issue at your home that you believe may have been caused by a construction defect, please contact us to discuss at 727-797-0100 to see how we may be able to assist you. Also, read more about the situation here: