The New Office is Open!

Constable Law, P.A. is officially open in downtown Safety Harbor. We are located at 323 Main Street. Feel free to come by and see us.

New Office Opening Soon

Constable Law, P.A. has been working tirelessly to get the new office ready. We look forward to being open at 323 Main Street, Safety Harbor, Florida soon.

Assignment of Benefits - ask if you don't understand

Assignment of Benefits (AOB) has been a hot button topic for a while. Do you know what signing an AOB means for your claim? Do you know what an AOB means for the repairs being conducted at your property? With added pressure, especially from insurance companies, to do something about AOBs, legislators are getting involved and this could impact the future of AOBs and your claims. You can read more about the proposed bills as well as some opinions on AOBs here: If you have questions about AOBs, please contact us at

Citizens Property Insurance Drops Policies

As of January 20, 2016, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation decreased the number of insurance policies it had to just 484,788 policies. This is a significant reduction from the 1.5 million policies it had in 2011. You can read more about the decrease in policies here. If you have any questions about your insurance policy, or you were one of the insureds that had their Citizens' policy assumed by another carrier and you are wondering what this means, please contact Constable Law for a free consultation.